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Year: 17, Issue: 2, 2017

ISSN: 1303-0671

Year: 17, Issue: 2, Winter 2017
Digitalization and Religion
The Problem of Truth According to William James
The Evaluation of “Tehzîbü'l-Ahlâk”’ Works in terms of Moral Education
An Intellectual Contribution to the Hadith Education in the Ottoman Period Madrasahs: Commentary and Gloss Writing
A Critical Approach to Ehbat and Takfeer Opinions of the Mutazila
Becoming a Seperate Discipline of Science of Tajwid in the Context of al-Tahdid fi al-Itqan wa al-Tajwid Written by al-Dani
An analysis and a criticism of a general acceptance in the history of quranic exegesis: Did the prophet comment on the whole of the Quran according to Ibn Taymiyyah?
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